Dolce Vita Farm & Bakery is a Lincolnville institution. Rose Lowell has been producing fresh breads and vegetables for sale at local farmers' markets, as well as her own vegetable shed, for over five years.

A trip to Italy 17 years ago stole her heart and she's been going back ever since. It was during those times in Tuscany that Rose fell in love with the bread made there in wood-fired ovens.

Two years ago, she installed her own wood-fired oven, Arabella,  and has been making artisanal bread, pizza and other baked goods ever since.



Stefano Valenti, 48, is a “travelling baker” who hails from Tuscany, Italy. He began to make bread at the age of 14, first in his hometown of Siena, and then around the world. In addition to Europe (Italy, Canary Islands, Malta, etc),  he has worked in South America. In Peru, he collaborated in the opening of a bakery/focacceria in the Andean town of Cusco and then worked on the coast of Huanchaco. He was later involved in an important humanitarian project at the Jesuit College in Lima, where he managed the bakery that produced bread to feed impoverished children.

Most recently, he has been a frequent visitor to the United States, especially to Maine. Several years ago, as Chef Baker, he helped launch the restaurant, Paolina’s Way, on the waterfront in Camden.

Thanks to his great friendship and collaboration with Rose Lowell, Stefano is now in Lincolnville, Maine, where he is Guest Chef Baker at Dolce Vita Farm & Bakery.  Stefano and Rose met at Spannocchia, an organic farm outside of Siena, Italy, where Stefano led baking classes.

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